Ethos and Values

Our vision and GREAT values are at the heart of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning and provide an environment which prepares our students as confident, happy citizens.

Our GREAT values are intrinsic to everything we do here at Copley. We believe our values are the foundations of being a GREAT person and what we strive for in our community.

  • Genuine – Mutually trusting, open, honest and reflective.
  • Respect – Respectful to all, demonstrating politeness and good manners.
  • Excellence – Excellence at what we do. Making a real difference, working hard to learn well and master knowledge and skills.
  • Achievement – Being focused, and understanding that academic excellence is the goal and having high aspirations for ourselves.
  • Together – Working together as part of the academy and the wider community.

Our Vision

  • To provide every student at Copley Academy, irrespective of their starting point, a fully inclusive, broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum that will enable them to continue their learning journey post 16 and onwards.
  • To offer a dynamic and diverse curriculum that is relevant, enjoyable and challenging so that our students develop confidence, resilience and creativity.
  • To employ innovative approaches to learning and teaching, at the same time as personalising the learning experience for all students, so that lessons are engaging, relevant and highly educational.
  • To ensure that every individual will be cared for, supported and challenged to maximise their potential in order to create a feeling of self-worth and ambition.
  • To deliver the GREAT values led curriculum to develop students’ character, confidence, resilience and independence so that they continue to be successful leaders and positive role models in their community

Copley Academy has a very clear ethos focused on the achievement and well-being of all our students. We believe that the academy should be at the very heart of the community and place great value on collaboration, partnership and service alongside a range of core values that compliment academic excellence.

All this is summed up in our academy ethos:

  • We develop commitment, independence and courtesy in all of our students.
  • We expect the very highest standards and in return we value and respect student ideas and opinions.
  • We are relentless in the pursuit of academic excellence for every student.
  • We insist on the highest standards of behaviour at all times.
  • We care deeply about our students and expect them to work hard and be kind.
  • We encourage staff to be creative, independent and ambitious.
  • We expect them to challenge and inspire our students, providing high quality learning experiences that motivate students to be the very best they can. • High standards and academic rigour underpin our daily work.
  • We promote the development of leadership skills and offer a range of opportunities for students to take an active role in improving their academy. • We believe that a wide range of enrichment opportunities promote independent learning.
  • Students are expected to learn beyond the classroom and to develop the skills and attributes they need to lead full and successful lives.

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